Monday, March 07, 2005

Popping the Cherry

I'm a virgin no more! A blog virgin, that is. All the buzz about blogging made me long for one of my own. I hope the lure of the blog lasts longer than the conundrum of the Rubik's cube or the draw of the chicken game. The chicken game, for the uninitiated, is called Fowl Words and it's at the Merriam Webster site. I know, I'm a geek. I admit it. I love words games and word puzzles and, um, words.

Which explains why I'm also an aspiring author. I write chick lit. Well, 'lady lit', if you want to get technical. It's chick lit for older chicks. Since I'm pushing forty, I qualify. Hope to post more than this once. Maybe make it my daily warm-up. Which would be different from this. This was more like a wind-down (i.e. something to do besides write pages for the Book In A Week challenge I'm currently participating in).

Thanks for sharing my diversion. Now, back to the keyboard--for serious, this time.


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