Friday, March 25, 2005

Must Be an Old Dog

Obviously, I'm getting far too old to change my ways. I've always been bad about taking up a new hobby, getting jazzed, then dropping it. My poor blog already suffers because of it. I blame work, since having a day job generally sucks your will to live. But it's more than that. Kids, volunteer stuff, good movies that just came in the mail from Netflix. So I'm easily distracted. Sue me.

I did get some exciting news since my last entry. Returned from a too-short, but wonderful jaunt to Hilton Head, SC and found a letter in my mailbox from Kathryn Lye at Harlequin Books. I met with Kathryn at the RWA national conference in Dallas last year and she requested the full manuscript of my lady lit 'Kick Start'. I sent it to her as fast as I could, then held my breath for four months. Her letter said she thought it had "much potential" and she has sent it along to the senior editor for the line. Pray for me!

Today, I'm enjoying my first Good Friday off since I graduated from college. The last company I slaved for never gave us that one, but my current one does. Lucky me! I'm running off with the darling husband and youngest daughter to turn in her passport application. Yeah, she gets to go to Australia this summer. Have I been to Australia? Or anywhere good? Hardly. But hey, I'm trying to be a good parent. Then, I'm having Indian food with writer friends and getting my hair done. Must. Cover. Gray.

Enjoy your Good Friday--hopefully, not at work. And who knows? Maybe I'll blog again before the summer solstice.


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