Saturday, June 04, 2005

Waitress Block

I read a great blog called 'Waitress Block' the other day. The chick was comparing her lack of desire to perform her waitress duties to her lack of desire to commit words to paper. I can totally relate.

I've been in a writing slump for several months now. I completely blame my paying gig, where I stay on the phone listening to people gripe about how crappy our software is. Invariably, their problems are not a result of anything they have done (or not done). It's always the software's fault. I've had grown women deny that they did something (like delete a whole batch of payments) when I'm looking at a printout clearly showing the batch status as deleted by them with a time and date stamp. They never know what happened. And it's never their fault.

This barrage of denial, which was particularly bad this week, coupled with the waitress block blog made me decide to park my butt in this chair this weekend and crank out some pages. And I will, too. Just as soon as I finish this blog. And maybe some e-mail. It's all the internet's fault!


At 11:01 AM , Blogger Elizabeth Bemis said...

It's the internet's fault... SURE! (I may use that). BTW - I'm not the only one who's "The Worst". (sniffles and cries)

I hope the writing goes well. I've gotten requests from 4 of my top 5 agents and I've sent the requested material. (And continue my waiting game). Can't wait to see you in Reno... where hopefully you'll at least TALK to me. Please... Please call or write.


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