Friday, December 29, 2006

Ringing It In, Baby

I am prepping for the annual New Year's Eve party my friend Suse and I throw every year. Okay, this is only the second year, but it's getting buzz. Maybe not buzz, but at least a few people are looking forward to it. Everyone else is either going to be staying home because they are afraid to drive with the drunken hooligans or they will be somewhere awesome like Times Square.

My friend the fourth Susan, who I call Suzi Quatro in my head, will celebrate her New Year's Eve birthday watching the ball drop in Times Square. How cool is that? My niece will also celebrate her ninth birthday on New Year's Eve. I will miss her soiree in Charlotte, however, since I am having my own party in Raleigh. I am also the world's worst aunt, because I never get her birthday card in the mail in time.

People with holiday birthdays always get ripped off, unless they have one of those hyper-attentive families who bend over backward to ensure the birthday gets equal billing. My own birthday often falls on or around Mother's Day. My little family tries to make it up to me, but it's just not fair to have to get your party on two days in a row (or twice in one day), when other people get to spread their fun out over the year. Some people I know have embraced the half birthday concept, but I'm not sure that would work for me. Six months away from my birthday would be one day away from my wedding anniversary. Pity. So I guess I'll stick with my current situation and be grateful for my family's indulgence in trying to make both it and Mother's Day special for me.

In any case, I'll be happy to be surrounded by friends and family on New Year's Eve and to ring in the new year with lots of love and laughter. I hope everyone has a festive time and a safe and happy new year!


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