Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year! I am, as friends will tell you, an anti-resolutionary from way back. I firmly believe Jan. 1 is the worst of times to make resolutions. It's the beginning of winter, for Pete's sake! A time when things are dormant and it's dark at five o'clock. A time when I, personally, feel I need to go to sleep as soon as I get home.

Nevertheless, I hosted a New Year's Eve party last night for dear friends and even stayed up until well after midnight. In years past, New Year's Eve was a family affair and we spent it toasting marshmallows in the fireplace and eating s'mores. We often fell asleep long before midnight and exchanged sleepy New Year's greetings as we hauled children up the stairs and fell into bed, exhausted. But last year, my friend Suse and I decided we were tired of never having plans for New Year's Eve. We lamented never getting invitations to parties. Then we figured out no one we knew had parties, so we decided to throw one. We did. All very last minute and we had one friend show up.

This year, I sent invitations to quite a few folks and had a better turn-out. My wonderful and talented friend Liz Bemis flew down from Ohio and several more local types showed up as well. Friends from Heart of Carolina Romance Writers and also from my Alpha group at church. At least one good friend was struck by cooties and stayed home with a fever. Another was stuck in Pennsylvania because she had been sick over Christmas and her trip was delayed (so her homecoming was as well). I'm sure others intended to come but once it got dark, they decided to simply stay home. Which I probably would have done had the party not been at my house!

Although I am anti-resolutionary, the festivities and discussion of other people's goals made me want to at least set some goals of my own. Oddly for me, I find myself compelled to join a gym. Not an expensive, snazzy one with fancy equipment and personal trainers, but a slightly dingy one just up the street from my house. I haven't even visited there, but it is open 24 hours a day and always seems deserted. It seems perfect for someone who hates working out and would rather do it in complete isolation. I figure if I go early in the morning, there will probably be one half-asleep attendant and maybe a couple of senior citizens and that's about it. I can put my iPod on and ignore them as I exercise.

Of course, the downside to exercising is that I'll feel like I can eat more since I'm working out, when in actuality I need to work out and eat less. The mind is a terrible, tricky thing. I'm going to go check out the seemingly grungy gym and see how proud they are of their memberships. Maybe if I take it slowly and only commit to a month or three, I can trick myself into getting in shape this year.

Anyone else set baby-sized goals for this year, or even adult-sized ones?

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