Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Back To Reality

Okay, the Oscar furor is over. I am sorry to say I fared poorly in my predictions, mainly because I allowed the opinions of "experts" to sway me. I have come to the conclusion I have no sense for how SAG members think. This should be no surprise, since I am a writer and not an actor. I hear The Chubbies picked more winners than I did. Again, no shock there.

Anyway, it's back to harsh reality in my life. My husband has declared a moratorium on all fun, so I'm sure I'll have nothing to blog about for weeks to come. Until my son and I get back from New York City, that is! Then, I'm sure I'll have some sort of adventure to write about. Until then, expect nothing from me. Anyone else going through a dry spell? Or are you guys busy having all the fun I'm being denied? If you are, tell me about it. Please!



At 10:54 AM , Blogger Caren said...

Oh, and Sabrina should be happy that Helen Mirren got her Oscar love! I agreed with many of the winners, but thought there was way too much competition in the cinematography category. What a beautiful bunch of films were nominated!


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