Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Travel Log - Day 2, Part 2

Afternoon, Friday, March 9. On the way back from The Cloisters, we took the M4 bus again. Not because it was so much fun the first time, but because there was a store called The Africa Shop my son wanted to check out. I believe the bus took a slightly altered route south, because we never spotted the store. Once we realized we missed it, we had the bus stop at 125th St so we could get on the subway. I, in Caren form, dropped my camera and we had to make the driver stop a second time. I believe I mentioned it was that sort of trip.

Had to climb 3000 steps to get to the A train, which is elevated at 125th St. Escalator not working, naturally. After those steps, there were more. Did I mention I had not been able to breathe the entire day? Despite every OTC medication made, I had felt wretched the entire time we were at The Cloisters. The meds didn't help with the stair climbing. Neither did the 10-degree wind up on the train platform. Got on the A and off at Columbus Circle. Walked back to the hotel.

Snacks, phone calls, phone charging. I put on my Birkenstocks with tremendous gratitude. My feet wept. We were going to head over to the Met Museum since our tickets were good for that one, too, on the same day. We blew it off. Boy had a great idea we could buy a video cable and watch DVDs from his laptop. We headed to Times Square (the station didn't confound us this time, since we didn't have to be anywhere) and ogled everything.

We went to Gap and I bought (RED) items for Suse and my girls. Bought Boy some shirts, since all the clothes he brought with him were dirty (remember?). We took cheesy pictures of each other in Times Square with neon all around us. Checked in a Computer Video store and they wanted $25 for a $5 video cable. No thanks. Took a picture of Boy by the huge, neon-lit Scientology headquarters. Creepy how it's nestled in the theater district and looks like another theater.

Went to SWATCH, where I resisted the lure of a gorgeous tapestry-banded watch in autumnal colors. Oooh. It was only about $80, but I imagined my darling husband freaking out about how much the trip cost us and I said, "No." The little sales chick, Kimberly of the sparkly eyelashes, helped talk me out of it. In an effort to be charming to Boy, she led us to the conclusion that the watches were not as durable as they could be. Under the guise of me coming back tomorrow, Kimberly managed to tell us exactly when she was working on Saturday. Hm. Boy thought he might come back. Not to buy a watch, either.

Went down Restaurant Row on 46th and checked menus at approximately 100 restaurants. Plagued by indecision and growing exasperation, we chose Meson Sevilla, a supposedly Spanish restaurant. Sadly, I have had much better Spanish food in Charlotte, NC. They had great Shrimp Ajilla, middling veggie paella (which was nothing more than glorifed saffron rice with mostly canned vegetables) and great flan. Boy mistakenly ordered an Italian dish rather than the Spanish one he wanted. It was fine, but not Spanish. The tapas smelled and looked good, but they were mostly things we didn't care for - mussels and whatnot. The restaurant had nice atmosphere but was quite close (very NYC) and not to our taste.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel where I, of course, collapsed since it was after 9:30. I tried to read and make notes about the day, but ended up falling asleep. Boy went out around 11:00 where he apparently met some German young people, Bjorn and Matteas. He told me, when he came in, he planned to hook up with them on Saturday. Mysterious phone ringing in the middle of the night. I remember why I love it that he doesn't live with us. Out of sight, out of mind, out of the Worry Zone!



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