Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Travel Log - Day 3, Part 1

Awakened around 8:30 am by nature calling, aided and abetted by the Housekeeping staff rattling around in the hallway. Got beautiful (ha!) and the Boy woke up around 9:30. Told me he was going to hook up with his German friends today. I felt certain beer would be involved. We agreed to do our own things and meet up around dinner time.

I went to breakfast, solo, at Fluffy's Cafe. Had a good Western omelet, home fries and toast. There is no good toast in NYC. They know very little about whole grains, apparently, unless it is a health food restaurant.

I proceeded with my plan to stalk Bono - or at least his NYC apartment. Went to Columbus Circle station, where I learned: a) there were no C trains running that day; and, b) I have no business catching trains there. Because, naturally, I got on a southbound when I meant to go north. Got off, then accidentally got on an Express A train and couldn't get off until 125th St. Got on the local A and (finally) got off at 72nd - phew! Walked two short blocks to Bono's place. I was after stalker pics for my friend Suse. If I haven't mentioned it, she is a rabid fan of Bono and has been in the U2 fan club since she was 13. That's 25 years, if you're counting.

Took shots of the front of the building from the sidewalk, the towers from the sidewalk, then went into Central Park, climbed some hills and hiking trails and took pictures of the towers again. Also took pictures of the view of the reservoir as it would be from his apartment (though much closer to the ground, of course). I called Suse while there so she could share the experience vicariously. Unfortunately, Bono did not make an appearance while I was in the area. It's a good thing, too, because I never would have heard the end of it. Really wished she was there with me.

Back to the hotel for a quick break, then I headed toward the Build-A-Bear on Madison Ave.



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