Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Travel Log - Day 3, Part 2

This day may have several parts, simply because I can't seem to get in chunks of time to write it in two! Anyway, on my way to Build-A-Bear, I went into Saks Fifth Avenue and sneered at the price they wanted for a very homely seersucker shirt. Actually, I made a point of looking disgusted while there, simply because I could and it amused me. I'm bad that way.

At Build-A-Bear, I found NYC-themed t-shirts for the 4 bears back home, then searched cheesy souvenir shops for t-shirts for the bears' mothers (aka my daughters). I then headed back to the hotel because my back was killing me. What a drag it is getting old, as Mick said. The Boy (off having his own adventure) called twice. Once to talk about hooking up for dinner, then again to ask where the TKTS office was. Apparently, his posse was looking for theater tickets. I was in the mood for sweets, so I used our internet connection and looked up a great chocolate place and a great cupcake place. Also found directions to a good Indian restaurant for dinner. Woot!

Took the A train to 42nd, walked to 9th and 40th to The Cupcake Cafe, famous for its butter cream icing. Got a yellow cupcake with chocolate butter cream icing and a chocolate cupcake with mocha buttercream icing. Hocked a kidney to pay for them. Called Boy and met him back at Times Square. Went to Cafe Europa for water (for me), juice (for him) and cupcakes (for both). They were very good cupcakes and beautifully decorated. We swapped stories about our days and he made a list of things he still needed to do in NYC. I told him about the break dancers outside the library and going to Nintendo World. His ears perked up.

Took orange line to Rockefeller Center, where we took pictures of each other by the skating rink. We went to Nintendo World, where they had a bunch of Wiis set up on the top floor. Boy showed me how to use the Wii, how to create a Mii (I have a cute picture of him and his Mii). We played with the Wii Sports bowling game, found souvenirs for our peeps, then decided it was time (okay, past time) for dinner.

Walked to the Indian restaurant, which was called Bombay Palace. They looked taken aback that we had no reservation, but found us a table in short order. The restaurant was beautiful, rather an Empire feel to it, and the food was exceptional. The Boy had Thali, a vegetarian dinner, which was like a sampler platter with five different dishes. I had the vegetable Biryani and Roti, plus sharing the Thali. We ate far too much, then waddled back to the Park Central. On the way, some crazy balck guy had my son take his picture with a couple of different high end cars on the street (a Mercedes sedan and a Porsche).

Made it back to the hotel, where I needed to collapse. The Boy got ready and hit the town, after researching clubs on the internet. Apparently, he was refused entry at every club on his list. No surprise, since he still had that UNDER 21 stamp on his driver's license! Bouncers have no sympathy for the not-yet-21. He hung out around Union Square station quite a while and met up with some fellows named Adam and Sterling, who apparently work at the Coffee Shop. Yes, THE Coffee Shop.

They hung out with subway drummers and empty-park drummers until The Boy was asked by the NYPD to cease his drumming long about 5 a.m. He made it back around 5:30 a.m. I said prayers of thanks for the safe return and more for his denial of entry into all those clubs. Hey, we can't protect them from everything, but it doesn't stop us from wanting to, right?



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