Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Raving on Guster

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Guster: Adam, Ryan, Joe, Brian

I have a dirty secret: I have never, according to my husband, really grown up. This will surprise none of my friends. My husband believes this because I still go to concerts. Not all concerts, not random concerts, but good concerts. Ones that it would sear my soul to miss.
I am taking this opportunity, here on my very own blog where I have all the power, to rave on one of my favorite bands, Guster. I encourage you, if you've never experienced them, to start off with their album Guster On Ice. Why is this album so expensive, you ask? Because it is not only a fabulous live CD (recorded at a concert in Portland, Maine), but it also contains a DVD of the concert. As awesome as the CD is, it's the DVD that will make you a rabid Guster fan. The band, you readily realize, are quite off - all of them. At first, I thought maybe Joe wasn't as cracked as the others, being a bit older and more mature. But the Joe's Place episodes on the Guster website, recorded during recording of the album Ganging Up On the Sun, proved me wrong (if not delusional).
The mad drummer and conga player, Brian Rosenworcel, is the most beautifully insane and funny person on the planet. Except for his fixation on the tour bus toilet, which is slightly disturbing, Brian (aka "Thundergod") is a delight to Guster readers everywhere. Brian keeps up the Road and Studio journals on the website and MySpace pages. Check them out.
Speaking of MySpace, my only gripe with Guster is that I put one of their songs on my own MySpace page and then friended Guster. Someone from the Guster MySpace page removed their song from my page! Now, they may simply not want their song attached to random MySpace pages, but it felt like an ageist snub. I figure, if I'm not too old to travel around the country to college campuses to see them or to buy their (reasonably priced) merch, they should not snub my MySpace page. Then again, maybe I'm reading too much into the removal. By the way, I replaced their song with one from a new find, My Brightest Diamond. I discovered them when I heard them open for The Decemberists last month. Awesome concert!
Of course, even though they dissed me, I'm going to see Guster this weekend at Furman University. It's a 4-1/2 hour drive, but I'm that kind of fan. As a matter of fact, I drove 10 hours to Ohio to see them once. Anyone else have bands they would drive way too far to see?



At 5:24 PM , Blogger Sonja Foust said...

Awesome. I like Guster. I "discovered" them when they opened for The Barenaked Ladies once. I'll have to check them out on MySpace.

At 1:54 PM , Blogger Caren Crane said...

Cool! You didn't happen to go on the Ships 'n Dips cruise, did you? I'm dying to go on that! Of course, I'm not sure my husband would want to go (since it's probably not very "grown up"). Ha! But the real question is, would you drive to Ohio to see Guster? Or the Barenaked Ladies for that matter?


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