Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Travel Log - Day 4, Part 1

I awoke to an alarm clock. I checked my watch and was disoriented to find that the clock said it was an hour later than my watch did. Ah, Daylight Savings Time had begun! Obviously, my son was in a conscious-enough state to change the clock and set the alarm before he collapsed in bed (around 5:30 this morning, if my semi-awake brain registered it correctly). Did the getting ready thing. The Boy had not moved. Packed as much of my stuff as I could and tried to wake Boy up. No luck. Reminded him we had to be out by noon.
Went down the block and bought an extra rolling suitcase for the trip home. I did this on my last trip to NYC, too. I thought to bring an extra one this trip, but talked myself out of it. When will I learn? I paid too much for the suitcase, but was frankly too tired to haggle. Stopped by Pick A Bagel on the way back and got an everything bagel (with schmear), a banana nut muffin and two coffees. Worst. Coffee. Ever.
Got back to hotel just before 11:00. The Boy finally got up around 11:20 (not that I was watching the clock!) and, under duress, picked out something to wear so I could help him get packed. Showed him how to roll his clothes into neat little sausages so he could use every square millimeter of space and fit more in his case. Managed to get everything packed by 11:52. Then Boy announced he wanted to take a shower - with 8 minutes to go until checkout. I was stressing more than a smidge. Remembered we could check out via the TV. Tried that, but of course it didn't work. Schlepped my stuff downstairs (leaving Boy in the shower).
Boy caught up with me while I stood in the very slow line to check out. Did so successfully, then we checked our luggage with the porter. Headed down to Union Square and Greenwich Village. Shopped at a Barnes & Noble, where I found an even newer J.D. Robb novel than the one I was reading at that time. Boy found a book about the now-defunct CBGB (so sad!). Went to Forbidden Planet, a real geek's paradise, full of comic books, graphic novels, anime, action figures and collectibles of all sorts from the fantasy/anime/comic book genres. Found presents for my friends Suzell and Nikki. Took pictures (to make a roommate jealous) of Boy near the huge case of action figures and in front of the ginormous Batman.
Left and took picture of Boy "holding up" The Alamo near NYU. Forbidden Planet, in all its used-book fabulousness, had given me horrible sinus pressure (very allergic to mildew), so I got the world's biggest hot tea at a COSI. Went to Union Square and visited lots of artists who had set up on the Square. Found an awesome 80s-looking, Japanese-influenced painting of Audrey Hepburn (from Breakfast At Tiffany's) at Stella & Zane Japanese Pop Art for Suse and Boy found gifts for many of his friends. These included some very unique and interesting finger puppets. 'Nuff said.
We attempted to find The Coffee Shop, where a couple of guys Boy met at Union Square the night before worked. These are the same dudes he hung out with until the wee hours and with whom he created much drum music and probably a public nuisance. The Coffee Shop had, overnight, been closed down the the Health Dept. Read about it here. That's enough drama for one segment of one day, methinks. One more segment to come, featuring lost cars, insanely crowded elevators, cheesecake and magical rescue technology.


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